Friday, February 18, 2011

hospital fun.

  Today we will be having our 4th trip to the hospital....yes four.  Not all bad stuff though.  Our little baby is doing good from the looks of the ultra sound. Jade is about 19 weeks along. The Thai Dr. pointed at Eleora and said, "maybe like her?" with a tone of vague uncertainty.  So we are planning on buying Green things. The hospital was clean and very professional ( besides using a live dolphin to do the ultrasound) so that was good.  The next day Eleora's green eye goo had not stopped flowing so down we went to the hospital again.  Anyway ( the americans will be impressed by this and the Canadians will be disgusted by this) Both Dr. visits, the ultrasound, pictures, Eleora's eye goo lab test and her eye drops all came to the grand total of around $100.  I am thinking about getting a little rhinoplasty and a face lift while I'm here, just because its so cheap... why not??  But wait our hospital fun has not finished yet, nay it has merely begun.  Later that evening Jade chomped down on a piece of candy (I made her eat it).  Mid chomp she gave me an ominous wide eye stare... 1/2 of her tooth busted off (it was a tooth that had a root canal years ago), to be followed by the other 1/2 that night.  So the next day, back to the Hospital we go ( they have a good dentist in the hospital... a foreign concept to the western mind, but it makes sense right, hospital- dentist?).  Unfortuantly they had no apointments for that day. So that brings us up to today. We are about to leave for Jade's tooth extraction... oh ya and she has bronchitis, so please pray for her.
We are back and we have to wait for for another day when a specialist is at the hospital. The regular dentist had a look and said "Oh, not good, we will wait for specialist, specialist good for baby". Sarah suggested that maybe that means that Jade will get some stickers from the children's dentist. It looks like we are going to wait about a week to get this tooth fixed (don't worry Jade is not in pain... 500 mg of morphine will take care of almost anything, ha). 

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  1. Happy Birthday Ella! I miss you little munchkin. -auntie leesel

    p.s. funny moment. I was typing in the weird word you have to write to make sure the computer knows that I'm human.. first of all it was godysess.. interesting. As I was typing it .. I couldn't figure out why there were little stars throughout my word. Come to find a little person is secretly holding their finger down on the star key. Sneaky butt Rylee. Love you guys. Please get better my friend Jade.