Sunday, February 13, 2011

Life these days.

  Lately our days have been passing without much time for reflection. It's starting to feel like "normal life" over here... busy and jumbled. Days running into each other and turning into weeks. I always have this longing for simplicity and 'more time'. Thai life is a bit slower, but our days seem very 'North American', maybe someday I will stop blaming my location for my business, maybe in heaven when I am not busy...
Ella, not so sure about the flavor of this flower.

What can I tell you?  How about some bullet points, they are my favourite because I don't need to think up a creative transition for my random thoughts:)

*We had a fun, last minute, combined 3rd Birthday for Abby and Eleora on The 7th.

***Sarah's post about the Birthday.

*We are still working hard on the office. There is an official meeting there tomorrow morning so we might be up pretty late again tonight. The guys have been working really long days, I think the longest was 16 hours. They're hardcore! (You all know that 8 of those hours were spent at the hardware store, ha!) Lucas has some before pics and early renovation pics on his blog. One of us will put some more on when things are wrapping up.

***Luke's 'work' post.

*We have a busy week ahead of us. There are lots of parties planned for Valentine's Day. We are hosting an event at Pi Lek's bar (Sarah's post about that Valentine's at Pi Lek's.)

*We are having a Farang (White person) food party at Jomtian beach. We have been going there on Wednesday's With Maé and Ying to feed/help anyone who shows up. We are in charge of food this week and spaghetti for at least 20 has been requested. It's pretty convenient actually, I always make enough noodles for 20 people:)

A group of regulars at Jomtian Beach.

*We will also be helping an American team who is here for a few days.

Hmmm, what else?

*We knew before arriving in Thailand that we would only be able to stay for a month before having to renew our travel visa. We made plans to go to Cambodia to renew our Thai visa for a month but it turns out you are currently only able to get 2 week visa extensions. Round one it cost us $80 USD /each to renew our paper work so we are a bit bummed about having to go again before leaving Thailand. Please pray that if there is a cheaper way that we would figure that out!

*We have been talking to Randy and Edie Nelson about going to Isaan (Northeast Thailand) since being here. Nathanael led a YWAM team there in 2005 and the Nelson's along with the Thai staff here have been wanting to do some outreach there for  a while now.  We had tentatively decided to go to Isaan at the end  of February to have some kind of worship outreach but we may be going as soon as Friday. There has been a temple dispute going on between Thailand and Cambodia, you can have a look here:

Pictures from Thailand and Cambodia dispute.

The Thai government is asking organizations for help. Ying, Maé, Nathanael, Eleora and I are planning on going to help out at a refugee camp. We would take an overnight train to get there and then stay somewhere nearby the camp. We are thinking of running some children's programs but we won't know for sure until we get there.  We would love some prayer for that. The major problem we have already come across is the fact that our visa will run out on the 24th.  The trip is planned for the 21st to the 26th, normally we would just scoot over the Thai/Cambodia up there but we aren't overly into running through gun fire, ha! (Actually, Nathanael and I like the idea but Eleora isn't a very fast runner)

*We were wondering a few nights ago how God would provide the money to finish the office and to go to Isaan and we woke up yesterday to a donation in our pay pal!  God is so faithful to us! Thank you SO MUCH to all of you who are praying for us and supporting us in this time, we are blessed to have people in our lives who believe in us and who are encouraging us on our adventure of life! We are grateful!

Ella and Nathanael watching the sun go to sleep.

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