Friday, February 25, 2011

48 hours.

  48 hours ago I woke up from a nap with Ella having a dream that  my head was literally exploding. I had been pretending not to be too sick for over a week and with this newly discovered - my head's been hit by a semi- feeling and the fear that "the crazy tooth" was infected, I decided that I would track down Nathanael so we could make trip 5 to the hospital. I would like to mention that In the nearly 5 years that Nathanael and I have been married I can only think of 2 times we have been to the hospital.  When my sister was having her baby and when we thought Ella had a broken ankle.  
  Nathanael who had been running around all day found me just as I had wobbled down the stairs. I told him that if he could find the time I might like to see the Doctor.  I proceeded to have an emotional break down and I am only mentioning that because it significantly helped the balloon head effect I had going on.  After sitting in the hospital waiting room 3 times longer than usual (still only 45 minutes) because I didn't realize the nurse saying, "Mrs. Miller, age 42 years." was referring to me, was able to see the Doctor.

   Eleora was very amused as the Dr. waved his flashlight up my nose and after hearing my symptoms , listening to my chest with his "necklace"- Eleora, and poking around a bit he said very cheerfully,  "Bronchitis and sinus infection." I had already done the research to diagnose myself with Bronchitis and was very relieved that I had a sinus infection and not a dental disaster.

   When we returned to our house Lucas, Sarah, Abby and all of our Thai friends were sitting in the courtyard having a "Good Bye" party for the Trzebiatowskis. The Trzebs had been packing up their stuff and organizing house odds and ends to give away most of the afternoon. 1, because they were leaving and 2, because the landlady had come by the night before to say would come over to discuss rent at 5pm. We were glad she waited until about 8pm to show up because by that time we had eaten and were ready to get kicked out of our house. 
  Language barriers can pose a slight problem when arranging a rental agreement. In our minds we had paid to stay in our house until the end of February. 1 month and 4 days from when we moved in. We paid for 2 months knowing we would only be getting about 30 days because our landlady said that was the way it had to be due to our short stay. When we moved in we shared that we would only be in Thailand until the 1st week of March and that we didn't know if we would want to rent for march or not (we thought at that time we might have some people that wanted to carry on the with the lease.) The land lady SEEMED fine when Nathanael repeatedly said " We don't know for sure how long we will stay." Well, let me just say she was NOT fine when she came expecting us to pay rent for March because she was leaving for vacation in the morning. Our Thai friends put up a good fight for us but we ended up moving everyone and everything out in about 45 minutes. That even includes bathroom cleaning by Nathanael who felt like a total jerk about the whole ordeal. Nat    

  Thanks to our Thai friends for your help! And to Luke and Sarah who had been organizing discerningly all afternoon!
  Back to Eve's place, where we all stayed in the early Pattaya days. Ella woke up in the morning and said "Daddy, can you take me downstairs for breakfast?". It had all happened so fast she didn't even know where she was. She is an amazing little trooper.

  In the morning we walked our dear friends to the corner of the highway, Abby riding on Ella's lap in the stroller. Ella and I cried. For me it was a mixture of sickness, pregnancy, exhaustion and sadness about our friends leaving. When I asked Eleora what was wrong she said, "I am just sad that I don't have any more English friends here." hahaha

  We stopped in to work on the office after leaving our friends and there we found Bay, Lek and Bam. Their entire apartment had flooded the night before (we have been having some amazing rain storms.) They had been planning on moving out of the now flooded apartment at the end of Feb. but were making calls to borrow a truck so they could move ASAP.  They found one to use for 2 hours so Lek and I took the scooters to their new house to start cleaning and the guys and kids went to get the truck. I discovered while scrubbing with Lek that this new house had been leased by an American couple we've met since working over here.  Before we found our house, the couple had offered us a place to stay for a week while they were out of the country. We talked to the lady who was holding their keys and she said "well, you could stay there but someone has just discovered that their whole home has been invaded by rats." Sarah and I were very thankful that God protected us from being the ones to discover that lovely unfolding story. I was thankful that I didn't know I was scrubbing that same house until half way through the job, haha 
  So, cleaning and moving round 2. We stopped to eat lunch at about 2:30 and went to a really fun place that was probably delicious. I don't know if anyone can relate to this but the BEST food seems to appear when you have a stuffed nose. I haven't been able to taste anything for like 2 weeks and it seems to me we have had the greatest eating opportunities of our entire trip during this period. Ya know?! Anyway, we discovered (all information seems like a discovery when there is a language barrier, probably like having a teenager) that it was Lek and Bay's 5 year anniversary!  Very exciting!

  Ella finally got down for her nap at a bout 4. Nathanael did one last moving load with Bay and I tried to tidy a few things back here at the guest house. Off to the hospital at 5:30pm, just in time for the beginning of a down pour. I would like to take a moment to give praise to my newly 3 year old. Freshly ripped away from her familiar Thailand house, left behind by her best English friend, a morning and afternoon of moving friends into their new place, running on 1 hour of nap that I had to shake her awake from, a belly that had only eaten a bowl of cereal for breakfast and then some noodles and squid tentacles for lunch and as we are scooter-ing through the down pour she is singing away. We get to the hospital and she says "Dad, can we go on an ice cream hunt now?". 
  The dentist was running late, even in Thailand, so we hung out for a while, trying to keep a very intrigued Ella from watching a bloody Asian drama on TV. The dental assistant came out to get me and Nathanael came in to see how many hours I would be trapped so he could take Ella to get some food. After greetings and a brief description of the party going on in my mouth, I asked the dentist, 
"When should my husband come back for me?", 
"He can stay, I only take 10-15 minutes most."
"Are you able to take the tooth out tonight?"
"Yes, Thai people always have broken teeth, I do this many times everyday."
I laughed and wondered if I should expect numbing in the extraction sight as the dentist invited Ella to come sit beside him to observe the extraction.

Hahahahahaha. Amazing.

  The man was true to his word, I would have been out of there in 5 minutes if I was a little more hardcore but I raised my hand and asked for a minute to have to anesthesia set in before he continued trying to yank the tooth. It was a first molar, it had a lot of years to get comfy in my mouth and didn't want to come out.  Note to all wives: husbands do not ever need to experience you having a tooth extraction. I could hear the worry in Nathanael's breathing even before he started telling Ella (secretly me) a story to keep my mind off of things. I knew he was watching my every move so I made a point not to clench my fists or wiggle my toes:) 

We honestly think I was in the dentist chair for about 11 minutes. 

It was the best dentist trip I have ever had. All for the low price of about $40USD. 

Off to Central mall to feed Nathanael and Ella. Ella then used her "sniffer" to hunt down some ice cream. 

Off to sleep for 5 hours. Well, for Ella because she is the only one unaffected by my coughing. 

  Up before the roosters for our second Visa run to Cambodia. All went well. Eleora said "I really like Cambodia, it's so fun." She may think that the air conditioned van driven by an ex-Indy 500 winner is Cambodia. I'm not sure.

  We were back to Eve's Place by 3pm and I just woke up to an empty room. I guess that means I fell asleep and Ella and Nathanael are off on another adventure.

  Thanks everyone for your prayers!  We know that God knows what's going on around here and are ready to see what these last 2 weeks hold for us. 

  For all of our California readers, can you please keep your ears /eyes open for us. We get back on March 8th and will be looking for a place to rent and a car (please keep our old car in mind, haha) to buy .  THANKS!:)


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  1. oh Jade, i just sat reading your post and all else around me faded away. it was half way through your writing that i realized i was sat about one inch away from the screen.. thats pretty close when there is a desk that extends in front of me, a 7 month pregnant belly.. and its not even just my eye sight! ;) i was right there with you every step of the way. WOWSERS.. crazy thai dentist man.
    I long to talk with you, to have a heart to heart... BUT, i DO feel even stronger to fight and pray for you guys being here.
    You are NOT alone, and i know God is gonna sweep you up and reveal whats been going on in due time.
    i am now officially stalking you.
    Love you dear friend.