Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Free Wi-Fi on delta until Jan 2nd and a Happy New Year!

Hi folks!

Nathanael and I are feeling a bit out of the loop. We were not aware of this elaborate 'internet in the air' jazz. Next thing you know small children will have cell phones, you'll be able to carry around coin sized music accessories and common folk will  be able to talk on the phone while seeing each other on some kind of high-tech, obscure video screen...:)

We left our Paynter ladies in SC early this morning after a lovely airport breakfast with Dr. Valerie Paynter.  Thank you so much Valerie for your love and generosity. Thanks for allowing God to use you to help make our Thailand trip possible!! We are so grateful!

California here we come! We are SO EXCITED to see our Müllers and many other Cali. friends that we have missed during our nearly 2 year Canadian expedition:) Sebby, we hope you remember to pick us up!

Side note: We are the parents who are letting our 2 year old fry her brain via miniature T.V. Eleora is watching Little Einsteins on the i-touch Nannie and Papa got us as a family Christmas present and it is wonderful, glorious even! HAHA. If any of you are traveling with miniature people after we get back from Thailand we will totally loan it to you. Well, I suppose we are probably the last people in America to get an i-touch... like I said, we are out of the loop.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Jade here.
I just thought it was necessary to share these pictures.
When I grow up I want to be just like my daughter.

Monday, December 13, 2010

plan, vision, hope,

Our hope is in Jesus, His salvation, and work and kingdom. Our plan is to represent Him as best as we can where ever we are. We really don't have a lot of earthly stuff to offer, just able bodies ( and semi-sound minds). We don't have amazing educations, or fancy pieces of paper that say we know a lot.  We don't have lots of money or expensive medical gear.  We don't have great emotional passions that are driving us to end hunger or give a bible to everyone.
 We are empty.
 Sounds pretty hopeful hunh?
But we are learning that it is.  If I have nothing to give, nothing of my self to offer.  Then all I can give is Christ. No matter how cool, or great or brilliant things are He truly, purely is our only hope.


Friday, December 10, 2010


Merry Christmas, friends and family!! I hope that you are all having a excellent holiday season and that your are "remembering to remember".   Well it has been a very long time since we have posted anything on the web. I know that some of you know what we have been up to and others have no idea, but the past is for a future post I think. I will just try to fill you in on what we are doing now.  First off we are living in Clemson, SC with a dear and generous family friend Valerie Paynter. Yes, Eleora is developing a southern drawl. We will be flying to Cali on Dec. 28th and will be hanging out with family and friends for 2 weeks. We are really looking forward to seeing "all y'all" in California!! On the 12th of Jan we fly out of L.A. to......dunt dun dun du da!!!! Thailand ( its only taken us like 4 years to get over there).  We will be there for about 2months, working with Bridge to the Nations.