Saturday, February 5, 2011


Pre-outing prayer time:)
  We recently rented a small Thai SUV.
  It is such a blessing for getting work supplies for the office and for family outings. Driving in Thailand is quite a bit different than driving in North America. The break definitely plays a less important roll over here... its all about the accelerator and the weave. Eleora LOVES "our motorcycle"! She takes riding very seriously and has a hard time taking off her helmet to eat and sleep.

Pretending to be locals.

An action shot.

An underground scooter parking lot.


  1. Hey!

    I talked to Teva the other day and she told me about what you guys are doing in freaking exciting! Thailand is still my favorite country in the world and I love that y'all went and said screw it to what people think or might say.
    Eric and I are 7 weeks pregnant, and we have huge dreams of traveling with our kids. We just got done backpacking Europe for 6 months and people kept telling us it would be the last time that would be possible if we started a family. Everyone tells us it's not possible, but we know different, and obviously you guys do too! Thanks for going where God sent you and being an example for me and my husband.'re daughter looks like the coolest kid in the world!
    ok, just wanted to say hey and thanks for encouraging me today.


  2. Miss you guys!! love reading the updates!! But really excited to see you in Cali next month.... if that hasn't changed ;)

    oh.... and did you hear?? I broke my wrist three weeks ago... so in a cast for another 5 weeks.