Sunday, January 30, 2011

Quick update.

  Sorry we haven't been updating. Sick girls are very time consuming! Eleora and Abby are ( hopefully ) on the tail end of "pink choke" and "diareeda" aka: vomiting and diarrhea.  The poor little guys were hit pretty hard, by it and Eleora is still struggleing to get back to normal (Prayer request).
They may have gotten themselves sick off of these tasty treats?

  Lucas and I are working on a building project renovating the 'welcome center' that we are working with here in Pattaya. We have torn up most of the old tile in the center.  The project has started to slow down a bit due to waiting on supplies but we are moving forward.
  We have a random un-scheduled things that we do, but besides that this is what our schedule looks like. On Sunday we go to True Friend Church.  Monday is sometimes a day off and we have been working on the Welcome Center.  Tuesday Welcome Center.  Wednesday we go to a prayer meeting in the morning  at the Tamar Center (A local center that runs a training program for woman exiting prostitution) and then we go to Dong Tan beach to feed , pray for and help out the homeless on the beach. Thursday another Welcome Center day. On Friday Sarah and Jade go down to a local bar and minister to the ladies around that area. There are other things that are always coming up, but that is a general look at our weeks.

  On Febuary 6th the Church is hosting an evangelism/ healing minister. Please pray that God would be Glorified and that many people would come to Jesus through this.

  I know that Jade has a lot to say but with sick girls and patchy internet communicating has been tricky. Stay tuned for one of her updates soon!

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